NEWS Dinner starts all at once
“SHUHARI” dinner style has entertainment value

The creative Japanese restaurant "SHUHARI" on the 5th floor of TIAD is a "small gourmet space" with only 9 seats at the counter.

Therefore, so that you can enjoy the chef's handiwork, we offer a "course-only, reservation-only'' style.

The "entertainment'' of craftsmanship unfolding right in front of your eyes, and the "novelty'' of lining up with new customers.

Enjoy TIAD-style creative Japanese cuisine made with seasonal ingredients in monthly changing courses.



Omakase course ¥28,000
※Prices include tax and the service charge.

Open hours:
Door opens at 18:00. Diner starts at 18:30 only. Reservation required.


■TIAD, Autograph Collection
TEL:0120-39-0011 / 052-252-2288