NEWS “Scandinavian Fair” at Table For Tomorrow in June Only

To commemorate the resumption of Finnair's Chubu Centrair-Helsinki route on May 31st, our all-day dining restaurant "Table For Tomorrow" holds a "Scandinavian Fair" for June, offering lunch and dinner course menus featuring Scandinavian ingredients and dishes.

【Appetizer (examples)】
~ Assorted 3 Hors d'oeuvres ~
7 Vegetable Quiche Served with Prosciutto
Avocado, Quinoa and Oil Sardine
Cassoulet Terrine of white Beans and Lamb


【Main (examples)】
Grilled Salmon Grati
Green Asparagus and Caper Frites


■Massage from Yuya Suzuki, Head Chef of Table For Tomorrow
I have arranged traditional Scandinavian regional dishes such as Norwegian salmon, herring, oil sardines, beef rydberg, and potato dishes. I wish to meet many customers traveling to and from Europe and enjoy these dishes.


Scandinavian Fair
Date: June 1st (Sat) - 30th (Sun)
Time: Lunch 11:30-15:00 (L.O. for course 13:30) / Dinner 17:30-22:00 (L.O. for course 20:30)
Price: Lunch from ¥4,500 (4 dishes) Dinner from ¥8,500 (5 dishes) *Including service charge and consumption tax
Location: "Table For Tomorrow" (TIAD 5th floor)

Table For Tomorrow Reservation
TEL: 052-212-5888 (10:00-22:00)
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